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10,000 GPUs, AI centres for multi-modal LLMs: 8 things to know about India’s AI mission

The Indian government has revealed the IndiaAI Mission, a comprehensive programme aimed at fostering local skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a crucial step towards improving innovation and achieving tech sovereignty. This mission, which the Union Cabinet announced on March 7, 2024, is expected to get a significant investment of ā‚¹ 10,371.92 crore, signifying a turning point in India’s technological progress.

Strategic Implementation and Goals

IndiaAI, a specialised business unit functioning under the Digital India Corporation’s auspices, will lead the IndiaAI Mission. The main objective of the project is to foster creativity by producing a substantial amount of computing power and developing domestic AI capabilities. This will be made possible by carefully planned strategic initiatives and partnerships that will push India to the forefront of the world’s technological innovation.

Key Components of the IndiaAI Mission

  1. Improving Processing Power

The creation of a strong AI computing ecosystem is a key component of the AI mission. Infrastructure with more than 10,000 graphics processing units is part of this ecosystem, which is expected to be supported by cooperative public-private partnerships.

  1. Creating an AI Marketplace

The government intends to develop an AI marketplace that will provide pre-trained models and AI services to entrepreneurs in the field. By democratising access to AI materials, this platform hopes to promote a thriving AI development community.

  1. Assistance for AI Entrepreneurs

Within the mission, a special programme will be devoted to giving deep-tech AI businesses the essential assistance they need to succeed and innovate.

  1. Obtaining Entry to Non-Personal Dataset Sites

Through the India AI Datasets Platform, startups and business owners will have easier access to non-personal datasets, creating a uniform data platform for seamless data access.

  1. Centres for Innovation and Development

The India AI Innovation Centre will advance the country’s AI capabilities by focusing efforts on creating and implementing domestic AI models and technology in key industries.

  1. AI Implementation in Vital Industries

To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public services, the mission also includes an endeavour to support the implementation of AI technology in crucial sectors, addressing important problem statements sourced from the government.


  1. Pay attention to responsible AI and future skills

Enhancing AI education at all levelsā€”undergraduate, master’s, and doctoralā€”is the goal of the IndiaAI FutureSkills programme. To promote general AI literacy, this project also intends to expand AI education to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. To guarantee the responsible use of AI technology, the mission will also prioritise the creation and implementation of safe AI practices, as well as the establishment of local tools, inventors’ self-assessment checklists, and thorough governance structures.

The IndiaAI Mission seeks to establish India as a global leader in AI innovation through these diverse components, protecting the country’s digital sovereignty and promoting a long-term ecosystem for AI research and use.

Monika Shanmugam