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Adani Group’s Ambitious Expansion Plans for Airports

Adani Airports to Undergo Rs 60,000-crore Expansion:

The Adani Group sets a formidable agenda for the future with a shocking Rs 60,000 crore investment earmarked for the expansion of its seven existing airports over the next 5-10 years. Karan Adani, Managing Director of Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone, revealed this ambitious plan aimed at enhancing infrastructure and capacity to meet the growing demands in the aviation sector.

Focused Investment Strategy:

A significant portion of the allocated capital, approximately Rs 30,000 crore, is designated for the ‘airside’ development in the upcoming five years. Subsequently, the remainder will be channelled towards ‘cityside’ enhancement over the next five to ten years across airports in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Mangaluru, Guwahati, Jaipur, and Thiruvananthapuram.

Growth Through Infrastructure Enhancement:

Arun Bansal, Chief Executive Officer of Adani Airports Holdings (AAHL), emphasised the strategic importance of these investments, underlining the imperative to bolster infrastructure to accommodate the anticipated surge in passenger traffic. He clarified that the already mentioned capex does not include the Rs 18,000 crore allocated for the Phase-I development of the Navi Mumbai airport, scheduled to commence operations by March 2025.

Expansion Strategy and Revenue Diversification:

The expansion roadmap extends beyond mere capacity augmentation to encompass a holistic approach towards revenue diversification. The group envisions developing the city side of airports and allocating land for auxiliary businesses related to aviation, such as hotels and aviation company offices. This strategic move aims to optimise ancillary revenues while enhancing passenger experience and convenience.

Future Outlook and Growth Trajectory:

Adani Group’s vision transcends immediate exigencies, with a steadfast focus on long-term growth. The group aspires to more than double its airport capacity by 2040, with phased expansions ensuring sustainable growth. The strategic development of airports in smaller cities is envisioned as important in transforming them into international hubs, facilitating enhanced connectivity and catalysing regional development.



The Adani Group’s ambitious expansion plans underscore its commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the aviation sector. With a solid investment strategy and a futuristic outlook, the group is determined to reshape the aviation landscape, facilitating smooth connectivity and bringing in the economic growth.


Did You Know?

In 2024, Adani’s net worth has risen to the top 12 in the world, although Ambani is only one spot lower at number 13. Compared to last year, both have risen in rank. The billionaire had risen to the fifteenth position earlier in December 2023, putting him in close proximity to Ambani, who was ranked fourteen at that time.


Monika Shanmugam