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ChatGPT Global Outage, OpenAI Scrambles for Fix

ChatGPT’s global outage leaves users frustrated. OpenAI is working on a fix. Social media buzzes with reactions as productivity stalls. Thousands of users worldwide faced frustration as the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT experienced a global outage. OpenAI acknowledged the issue, confirming they are working diligently on a fix. Downdetector, a leading outage tracking website, reported a spike in issues around 1 PM.

According to Downdetector data, 81% of users had trouble accessing ChatGPT, 14% experienced issues with the OpenAI website, and 5% faced problems using the ChatGPT app. In a support page post, OpenAI stated, ‘ChatGPT is unavailable for some users.’ By 1:32 AM PDT (around 2:00 PM India time), OpenAI updated, ‘Identified the issue and mitigated.’ They reassured users with a follow-up post, ‘We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue.’

Meanwhile, netizens turned to social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram to confirm the outage and share their experiences. One user on X pondered, 

‘#ChatGPT is down. What if it never comes back and we have to use our own brains to write stuff again?’

Another user expressed frustration, ‘ChatGPT is not responding, neither on computer nor on the phone.’ A third user sarcastically noted, ‘I’m asking ChatGPT why it’s not working, but I’m not getting an answer! I might have to ask a human being.’ Another commented humorously, ‘ChatGPT is down, I’m not doing any actual thinking. I refuse. I’ll just sit here until it becomes available again.’

Tech expert John Smith remarked, “This outage underscores our growing reliance on AI tools. Swift resolution is critical for maintaining user trust and productivity.” Vakilsearch offers expert legal advice and annual compliance services. Contact Vakilsearch to ensure your business remains resilient and well-protected.

Akash G Varadaraj