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Efficiency Key for Free Legal Aid Centers, Urges State Commission Chair

In a bid to streamline legal interventions for victims of domestic violence, A S Kumari, Chairperson of the Tamil Nadu State Commission for Women, underscored the pressing need for free legal aid centers to operate with heightened efficiency. Her remarks came during a public hearing organised by the committee on prevention of violence against women of IDEAS Centre in Madurai.

Addressing attendees, Kumari highlighted Tamil Nadu’s relative safety for women compared to other states. However, she emphasised that a significant number of rural women still endure domestic violence, seeking justice through the commission. Yet, the process is often marred by delays in legal interventions, compelling Kumari to advocate for improved efficiency within free legal aid centers.

‘The delay in providing legal interventions to victims is a concerning issue that demands immediate attention,’ Kumari asserted, urging stakeholders to enhance the functionality of these crucial centers.

The committee members echoed Kumari’s sentiments, passing various resolutions aimed at bolstering support mechanisms for victims of domestic violence.

Efforts to fortify the legal aid infrastructure stand as a pivotal step towards expediting justice for those in need, ensuring a swifter recourse for victims of domestic abuse.

Monika Shanmugam