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Experts Suggest That a New AI Legislation Helps in Copyright Protection For Creators

India’s proposed AI law aims to regulate content creation, balancing innovation with copyright protection. Legal experts and industry insiders have lauded the government’s initiative to introduce legislation aimed at regulating artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation. With the exponential growth of AI-generated content, concerns over copyright infringement and its impact on the publishing industry have surged, prompting the need for timely regulation.

Arun Prabhu, partner and head of technology & telecommunication at Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, emphasised the significance of such legislation, stating, ‘Specific legislation on this issue will help India find the appropriate balance between enabling technology innovation through AI while valuing and protecting news reporting and artistic innovation.’

The proposed law seeks to protect the rights and interests of content creators, including news publishers, while fostering innovation in AI-enabled technologies. Minister Vaishnaw highlighted the government’s commitment to ensuring fair rights and revenue sharing among stakeholders, while also promoting innovation.

Ranjana Adhikari, partner at IndusLaw, emphasised the evolving nature of the interface between AI models and copyright law, citing global precedents like the New York Times vs. OpenAI case. She stressed the need for an extensive legal framework to address the intricate issues surrounding AI-generated content and copyright infringement.

Shahana Chatterji, partner at Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co, welcomed the government’s move for stakeholder consultation, emphasising the complexity of regulating AI solutions. She highlighted the necessity of managing potential risks while fostering growth in India’s innovation economy.

However, experts cautioned against imposing regulations that could stifle innovation or deter the use of Indian content by AI developers. They underscored the importance of striking a balance between regulatory oversight and fostering technological advancement.

As India navigates the complexities of regulating AI-generated content, the forthcoming legislation is poised to shape the landscape of content creation, copyright protection, and technological innovation in the country. With stakeholder consultations underway, the government aims to develop a robust framework that addresses the concerns of all parties involved while propelling India’s digital economy forward.

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Akash G Varadaraj