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FSSAI Nationwide Blitz After IndiGo’s Worm Woes Sparks

In the aftermath of a live worm found in an IndiGo flight’s sandwich, FSSAI has conducted nationwide checks on major flight kitchens. IndiGo, responding promptly, reassures passengers with rigorous reviews of catering processes and heightened sanitisation protocols. The FSSAI issued a show cause notice, to which IndiGo expressed regret and outlined proactive measures to prevent future incidents.

‘As part of these measures, IndiGo has undertaken a thorough review of its catering partner’s production and packaging processes. In addition, a comprehensive refresher of sanitization protocols has also been conducted,’ the airline stated. Despite the controversy, IndiGo remains steadfast in its commitment to providing a top-notch in-flight experience, ensuring compliance with food and hygiene standards.

Three major companies, Oberoi Flight Services, TajSATS, and Ambassador’s Sky Chef, dominate the majority of flight kitchens in the country. Oberoi Flight Services, under scrutiny after the incident, confirmed a 94 percent score on various parameters during the inspection. TajSATS, a significant player, clarified it was not associated with IndiGo’s case but emphasised their unwavering commitment to food quality, safety, and hygiene protocols.

The airline industry faces heightened scrutiny as FSSAI reinforces its commitment to ensuring passengers’ safety and well-being during flights. IndiGo’s proactive response and nationwide inspections aim to restore confidence in the airline catering industry. As travelers demand transparency and stringent safety measures, the spotlight on flight kitchens grows, urging companies to uphold the highest standards in food preparation and handling.

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Akash G Varadaraj