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Goa Secures a Patent for Bricks Made From Waste Materials

In a groundbreaking move, the Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) has achieved a significant milestone by securing a patent for Laterite-based Concrete Block, marking a first in the state’s waste management initiatives.

The patented laterite-based concrete block is poised to revolutionise waste management practices, offering a dual benefit of environmental sustainability and enhanced revenue generation. A senior official from GWMC emphasised the pivotal role of this innovation in fostering a cleaner environment and minimising soil and groundwater contamination.

With a patent term of 20 years, the GWMC aims to capitalise on private manufacturing opportunities, ensuring a steady stream of revenue through royalty payments. This strategic approach underscores the corporation’s commitment to leveraging innovation for sustainable waste management solutions.

Explaining the rationale behind the invention, the official highlighted its ability to address the challenges posed by construction and demolition (C&D) waste while reducing reliance on traditional cement usage. By repurposing industrial waste and optimising ingredient proportions, the patented composition yields laterite-based concrete blocks that boast both structural integrity and environmental compatibility.

Moreover, the invention serves as a deterrent to illegal dumping practices, offering a tangible solution to Goa’s burgeoning C&D waste stream. By recycling waste materials into durable construction blocks, the initiative not only promotes a cleaner local environment but also safeguards precious groundwater resources from harmful leaching effects.

Notably, the laterite-based concrete blocks can be manufactured using 100% recycled aggregates without compromising mechanical strength, thereby further bolstering their appeal as a sustainable alternative. Additionally, their reduced carbon footprint underscores their climate-friendly attributes, aligning with global efforts to combat greenhouse gas emissions.

The patent opens doors for private entities keen on manufacturing these innovative blocks, providing an avenue for collaboration while ensuring responsible waste disposal practices. This collaborative approach not only facilitates waste management in a scientifically sound manner but also unlocks new revenue streams for the corporation through royalty agreements.

In essence, the GWMC’s patent for Laterite-based Concrete Block heralds a paradigm shift in Goa’s waste management landscape, setting a precedent for innovation-driven sustainability initiatives nationwide. As the state takes bold strides towards a greener future, this pioneering solution stands as a testament to the power of ingenuity in addressing pressing environmental challenges.

Vakilsearch applauds the Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) for its groundbreaking achievement in securing a patent for the Laterite-based Concrete Block, a pioneering step in the state’s waste management endeavors. Vakilsearch stands ready to support organisations in navigating the legal landscape surrounding patent registration and fostering innovation for a greener future. Let us be your partner in driving sustainability and environmental stewardship through innovative solutions.

Akash G Varadaraj