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Google’s Legal Blitz: Battling AI Scammers and Copyright Fraud

In a decisive move to combat the rising tide of AI scams and copyright fraud, tech giant Google has initiated legal action against perpetrators engaging in deceptive practices.

The initial lawsuit centres on scammers who exploited the buzz surrounding Google’s new AI chatbot, Bard. Google’s General Counsel, Halimah DeLaine Prado, emphasised the nefarious trend, stating, ‘As public excitement in new generative AI tools has increased, scammers are increasingly taking advantage of unsuspecting users.’

The culprits orchestrated an elaborate scheme, creating fake social media pages and online ads enticing users to ‘download’ Bard, a supposedly free AI chatbot that, in reality, required no downloading. Instead, the unsuspecting victims found themselves ensnared by malware, compromising their social media accounts. Google has already taken down approximately 300 related sites since April.

The lawsuit aims to halt these scammers in their tracks, preventing them from establishing domains that propagate malware. Legal experts suggest that this case could set a vital precedent in addressing ethical concerns related to AI. Google, a stalwart defender against cyber threats, proudly asserts its daily blockade of over 100 million phishing attempts and its vigilant scanning of billions of apps for malware.

In the second legal battle, Google confronts a wave of copyright fraud targeting small businesses. Exploiting Google’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown process, malicious actors submitted false infringement claims to obliterate over 100,000 competitor websites.

DeLaine Prado lamented the impact, stating, ‘These fraudulent claims resulted in the removal of over 100,000 businesses’ websites, costing them millions of dollars and thousands of hours in lost employee time.’ Affected businesses describe the consequences as devastating, with some facing closure and significant job losses. Digital rights advocates warn that abuse of the DMCA process poses an escalating threat.

Google’s legal actions not only aim to hold the perpetrators accountable but also to set critical legal precedents to deter future abuses. DeLaine Prado affirmed, ‘Just as AI fraudsters and copyright scammers hope to fly under the radar — we believe that appropriate legal action and working with government officials puts scammers squarely in the crosshairs of justice, promoting a safer internet for everyone.’

The next chapter unfolds in court as Google pursues justice, striving to create a safer digital landscape and send a resounding message against AI scams and copyright infringements.

When enquired, our  legal experts assert the pivotal role of Google’s lawsuits in safeguarding online integrity. Emphasising the need for stringent measures, they note that these cases underscore the evolving legal landscape in combating cyber threats. As technology advances, proactive legal strategies become crucial to protect businesses and users alike. The experts stress the significance of such legal battles in establishing precedents that act as deterrents, signalling a collective commitment to a secure digital environment.

Akash G Varadaraj