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Important Update for Coimbatore Building Owners

1. Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation’s New Initiative: Drone-based GIS Mapping

The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) is stepping up its game by initiating GIS mapping for properties that are either unassessed or under-assessed. Covering 20 key wards throughout the city, the CCMC is employing drones for this ambitious project. Normally, when anyone plans to build a property in Coimbatore, they need approval from CCMC. This involves sharing building plans and necessary documents for the intended site with the CCMC zonal office. Only after a thorough review do the zonal officials grant the green light for construction.

CCMC Crackdown on Building Violations Reveals Surprising Results

In a recent move, the CCMC Commissioner, M Prathap, prompted officials to delve deep into cases where buildings might not adhere to approved blueprints. The outcome of this investigation was enlightening. Initial surveys took place at Gandhipuram’s Crosscut Road in Ward 68. Out of 3,200 properties under scrutiny, an alarming 70 showcased deviations exceeding 60%. 

Moreover, around 100 buildings deviated from the approved plans by more than 20%. Prathap highlighted that many swapped their intended residential use for commercial pursuits. In light of these discrepancies, strict actions are underway. Buildings in question will only receive approvals post adjustment of their taxes, based on the updated evaluations.

Future Plans: Drones to Keep a Hawk’s Eye on Construction Violations

Prathap revealed that the CCMC is gearing up for bigger projects. They plan to extend the GIS mapping surveys to around 20 more wards using drones. These drones will be key in checking if tall buildings meet the allowed heights.

This tech will help confirm if buildings match their approved designs. If not, they’ll take the necessary steps to correct it. Prathap also shared some good news: Last year, they added 7,036 property tax assessments, with 536 just in July. By identifying and updating taxes for under-assessed properties, CCMC hopes to increase its earnings.

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