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Indian Stock Market on the Horizon: Key Highlights From Tamil Nadu’s State Budget 2024-25

As Finance Minister Thangam Thennarasu unveils Tamil Nadu’s budget, explore the potential impact on the Indian stock market with 5 key takeaways:

Fiscal Prudence vs. Populism: 

With a theme of ‘Crossing obstacles and marching towards growth,’ the budget’s stance on fiscal prudence or populism will be closely watched amid a challenging financial situation.

Revenue Augmentation: 

Addressing the aftermath of floods in Chennai and southern districts, the budget emphasises revenue augmentation to fund various schemes, reflecting the fiscal challenges of the past year.

Education and Skill Development: 

A substantial allocation of ₹1,000 crore is earmarked for school infrastructure development, along with the creation of 15,000 skill labs. An additional ₹200 crore is designated for the second phase of the Illam Thedi Kalvi scheme.

Social Welfare Initiatives: 

The budget allocates ₹2 crore to meet higher education expenses for transgender persons and covers hostel fees. The Chief Minister’s Breakfast scheme is expanded to government-aided primary schools in rural areas with an allocation of ₹600 crore.

Infrastructure and Initiatives: 

Major initiatives include the restoration of rivers, the inauguration of the Nemmeli desalination plant costing ₹1,517 crore, and a ₹13,720 crore allocation for the flagship ‘Kalaignar Magalir Urimai Thittam.’ Additionally, ₹5 crore is designated to support firms working on AI, machine learning, and language models.

As Tamil Nadu navigates financial constraints and presents its vision for the future, these budget highlights may influence market sentiments and impact the trajectory of the Indian stock market. Stay tuned for updates as the budget unfolds.

Monika Shanmugam