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Karnataka Government’s Game-Changing Property Registration Reform Unveiled!

In a bid to streamline property registration processes and cater to citizens’ convenience, the Karnataka government is gearing up to launch an enhanced statewide property registration system. This initiative, previously tested in select districts of Bangalore in 2015, is now primed for expansion, promising swift and efficient services for property owners across the state.

With Bangalore accounting for 70% of property registrations, the government acknowledges the necessity of extending such services beyond the capital. Recognising the burden on citizens and the potential for revenue generation, the government aims to replicate the success of the pilot program on a larger scale.

Annually, around 25 lakh property registrations take place in Karnataka, with the government eyeing a tax collection target of ₹25,000 crore for the fiscal year. To achieve this ambitious goal, the proposed system will be rolled out in phases, starting with Tumkur and Belgaum districts. This incremental approach allows for thorough testing and evaluation before statewide implementation.

Under the new system, property owners will have the flexibility to register their properties at any sub-registrar office within their respective district, with future plans to enable cross-district registrations leveraging advanced technology.

Minister of Revenue, Krishna Byregowda, emphasised the government’s commitment to simplifying property registration processes, citing the success of the system in Bangalore as a testament to its efficacy. ‘We have selected 2 districts as pilot areas to be implemented across the state. Then we expand everywhere simultaneously,’ stated Byregowda.

The move not only addresses staffing issues at sub-registrar offices but also ensures equitable distribution of work and provides citizens with expedited services. While no direct impact on tax collection is anticipated, the enhanced accessibility is expected to benefit citizens statewide.

With this initiative, the Karnataka government aims to create a more efficient and accessible property registration system, underscoring its commitment to serving the needs of its citizens.

Vakilsearch’s legal experts commend the Karnataka government’s proactive approach in launching an enhanced statewide property registration system. This initiative aligns with the government’s commitment to simplifying processes and catering to citizens’ convenience. The decision to expand the successful pilot program to districts beyond Bangalore, starting with Tumkur and Belgaum, demonstrates a strategic and phased implementation, allowing for thorough testing and evaluation.

Akash G Varadaraj