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Loyalty Juggernaut Secures US Patent for Groundbreaking Technology

At the CRMC Show, Loyalty Juggernaut, Inc. (LJI), a pioneer in cloud-native loyalty programs, announced its latest milestone: a US patent (#11978082) for their innovative AI-driven technology designed to deliver individualised offers to members on a massive scale.

This transformative feature allows a single loyalty campaign to be personalised and tailored across an entire member base, effortlessly achieving what we call ‘mass individualisation,’ which is the stated mission and #1 priority of loyalty programs globally,’ said Shyam Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Loyalty Juggernaut.

This patent is the third for LJI, solidifying their GRAVTY® platform as the only loyalty technology globally with patents for three key capabilities vital to the future of loyalty programs. The other two patents include:

  1. GRAVTY Visual Rules (GVR): The only patented ‘no-code’ rules engine in the industry, combining extreme sophistication with extraordinary simplicity
  2. Multi-dimensional Behaviour (1st party data) Tracking: Crucial in today’s cookie-less environment, enhancing the use of first-party data to drive personalised customer experiences.

‘Loyalty marketers are always looking for ways to engage customers 1:1 at scale. This innovation is groundbreaking in its use of AI to drive mass personalisation, the holy grail of loyalty programs,’ said Bill Hanifin, CEO of Wise Marketer Group.

Based in Silicon Valley, LJI empowers brands to transform loyalty programs into data-driven businesses, maximising customer value and competing at scale. Their GRAVITY® platform supports over 40 loyalty ecosystems worldwide, involving 4,000+ brands across 12 industries, including Retail, Hospitality, and Telecommunications. Notable clients include Majid Al Futtaim, Liverpool, and Deutsche Telekom.

Our experts stated that ‘Loyalty Juggernaut’s new patent marks a significant advancement in AI-driven personalised marketing. This technology will enable brands to deliver bespoke offers to vast member bases, revolutionising the loyalty program landscape and setting a new standard for customer engagement. For trademark or patent registration get in touch with Vakilsearch. Our team has an expert batch of IP lawyers who can easily resolve all your doubts and help you with the process of procuring an patent both in India and abroad.

Akash G Varadaraj