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Madras High Court Triumph: Reclaims 160-Year-Old Chennai Land for Metro Expansion

In a significant legal triumph, the Madras High Court has aided the Tamil Nadu government in reclaiming 1.54 acres of valuable land in Chennai, which had been under private occupation since 1861 at Pallavaram cantonment. This landmark decision culminates a lengthy legal battle, with Justices S.S. Sundar and N. Senthilkumar orchestrating the resolution.

The court secured an undertaking from the current occupants, compelling them to surrender the property to the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) within a tight two-week timeframe. This pivotal move underscores the judiciary’s commitment to upholding public interest and infrastructure development.

Highlighting the historical backdrop, Justice Sundar emphasised that the land’s trajectory dates back to 1861 when the East India Company leased it to Louisa Gore. Over the years, subsequent transfers culminated in the occupancy of M.M. Gupta and his family, who had persistently sought ownership rights.

Despite the occupants’ endeavors to secure the land’s assignment by the government, the state’s insistence on repossession thwarted their efforts. Questions arose regarding the government’s jurisdiction, particularly since local taxes were administered by the Cantonment Board. However, the court’s ruling unequivocally affirmed the state government’s rightful ownership.

Addressing legal nuances, the Bench underscored the occupants’ status as leaseholders, thereby precluding them from disputing the government’s title over the property. This legal doctrine of estoppel solidifies the government’s claim until the land is rightfully relinquished.

Moreover, the court’s directive to Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) to restore electricity temporarily for the removal of machinery underscores a balanced approach, ensuring compliance with legal protocols.

With this decisive verdict, the Madras High Court not only resolves a longstanding legal impasse but also paves the way for vital infrastructural advancements under the auspices of Chennai Metro Rail Limited. This serves as a testament to the judiciary’s pivotal role in safeguarding public interest and facilitating progressive urban development.

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Akash G Varadaraj