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National Consumer Commission Upholds ₹ 14 Lakh Compensation to Woman Who Found Nuts and Bolts Inside Her Body After Surgery

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has upheld a compensation of ₹ 13.77 lakh for a woman who discovered nuts and bolts inside her body 12 years after a hysterectomy at a Puducherry nursing home. The ruling follows the State Consumer Commission’s decision, with the NCDRC emphasising the woman’s immense pain, suffering, and financial losses.

Members Sudip Ahluwalia and J Rajendra affirmed the previous order, acknowledging the complainant’s hardships and the impact on her daily life. Despite the lack of specific financial documents, the NCDRC found her deserving of appropriate compensation for the clinic’s negligent operation.

The complainant, post-1991 surgery, experienced health issues, leading to a 2003 surgery revealing foreign objects left inside her as a ‘nut and bolt.’ The NCDRC held the clinic responsible, dismissing claims of other surgeries and emphasising the complainant’s uninformed state due to medical negligence.

Advocates for the clinic argued against evidence and raised concerns about the 12-year delay, deeming the complaint time-barred. However, the NCDRC rejected these arguments, noting that the foreign objects’ existence was confirmed in 2003, leading to their removal.

The case underscores the significance of medical accountability and the consumer’s right to compensation for negligence. As the NCDRC maintains the awarded compensation, this ruling sets a precedent for prioritising patient safety and holding healthcare providers accountable for lapses in care.

Monika Shanmugam