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Officer Arrested for Taking ₹2 Lakh Bribe For GST Refund Claim

Deputy Commissioner caught in bribery scandal, exchanging ₹2 lakh for expediting GST refund. Vigilance crackdown ensues for justice. In a startling development, a Deputy Commissioner of  GST was caught by the Vigilance Establishment while asking and accepting a bribe of ₹2 lakh. The bribe was in exchange for expediting a private company’s GST refund procedure. The accused, identified as Dhanendra Kumar Pandey, held the position of Deputy Commissioner (GST) at Zone 20 and was promptly suspended.

Superintendent of Police at Vigilance HQ, Lucknow, Arvind Chaturvedi, disclosed that an investigation revealed Ardam Data Services Pvt. Ltd. had legitimately claimed a refund of approximately ₹20 lakh for GST incurred in their export operations. Chaturvedi highlighted the company’s struggle over the past week to secure its rightful refund, prompting a representative to seek help from the Vigilance Establishment’s anti-bribery helpline.

Acting swiftly on the complaint, Vigilance Headquarters orchestrated a sting operation against the errant deputy commissioner. The complainant was directed to maintain contact with the accused, leading to the arrest during a transaction on March 19. The arrest took place at the Commercial Tax Office in the Hazratganj area of Lucknow.

‘The trap was laid, resulting in Pandey’s arrest while accepting a bribe of ₹2 lakh,’ stated the officer. The case has been officially registered at the Vigilance Police Station in the Lucknow Sector under charges of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.

This incident underscores the vigilance required to combat corruption and uphold the integrity of governmental institutions. Instances like these highlight the need for legal protection. The authorised Legal Services ensures justice prevails. If you have any queries regarding filing your GST returns get in touch with our experts today. 

Akash G Varadaraj