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Opposition Criticises Kerala Budget 2024-25 for Disconnect from Reality

The fiscal year 2024-25 budget in Kerala has come under severe criticism from the Congress-led UDF Opposition. Leader of Opposition V D Satheesan expressed concerns over what he sees as a need for more awareness about ground realities in the budget announcements. He noted that the budget document appeared to be more focused on political criticisms and announcements rather than addressing pressing issues faced by the state.

Satheesan highlighted several points of contention, including the government’s low spending, which amounted to only 55% of the planned expenditure for the previous financial year. This raised doubts about public confidence in the effectiveness of the upcoming budget. Additionally, he criticised the marginal increase of just Rs 10 in the rubber support price, considering it insufficient and even insulting to rubber cultivators.

Finance Minister K N Balagopal defended the budget during its presentation, stating that the modest increase in the rubber support price, from Rs 170 to Rs 180, was necessitated by the state’s financial limitations. He blamed the Centre for not approving the state’s request to raise the price to Rs 250, as promised by the Left front during the election campaign. The opposition’s concerns reflect broader debates about fiscal management and policy priorities in Kerala.

Monika Shanmugam