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Parliament Approves Bill to Regulate Legal Profession of Touts

The Lok Sabha endorsed a bill targeting legal ‘touts’ to regulate the legal profession. Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal emphasised the removal of obsolete laws, with 1,486 already repealed. The Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2023, aims to empower high courts and district judges to publish lists of touts. Meghwal welcomed the idea of a judge transfer policy, pledging consultation with the judiciary. Congress MP Karti Chidambaram highlighted the need for justice accessibility, citing touts thriving due to legal system complexity.

In India, ‘tout’ refers to a person who procures clients for a legal practitioner in exchange for payment. Touts are individuals who may act as intermediaries, connecting clients with lawyers for a fee or other benefits. The term is often used in a negative sense, implying unauthorized or unethical involvement in client solicitation within the legal field.


The legislation stipulates that each high court and district judge is authorised to formulate and disclose lists of ‘touts’. Minister Meghwal emphasised the Modi government’s decision to repeal obsolete colonial-era laws, with 1,486 already revoked and more in the process. Meghwal contrasted this with the UPA government’s 10 years, noting that no colonial-era laws were repealed during Manmohan Singh’s tenure. He welcomed the proposal for a judge transfer policy, expressing acceptance and a commitment to consult with the judiciary and Chief Justice of India to develop such a policy.

Rugmini Dinu