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Pune PMC Throws Lifeline: Property Tax Deadline Extended Amidst Closure Chaos!

In a move to ease the burden on residents, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has extended the deadline for submitting PT-3 forms, allowing homeowners to avail a 40 per cent concession on property tax. The initial deadline of November 15 has been pushed to November 30 due to a two-day shutdown of the PMC.

Ajeet Deshmukh, head of the property tax department, highlighted the citizens’ demand for an extension as the PMC remained closed. Deshmukh stated, ‘I discussed it with the municipal commissioner, and he gave the approval to extend the deadline till November 30. The order will be signed on November 16 when the PMC reopens’.

The decision to withdraw the 40% discount in 2019 had sparked discontent among residents, leading to financial strain. However, in April of this year, the state government reinstated the concession scheme for self-occupied residential properties, providing a 40% reduction in the annual taxable value and a 15% reduction in the annual rent.

Despite the government’s directive, confusion ensued as eligible beneficiaries received property tax bills without the promised concession. To rectify the situation, the PMC urged residents to submit necessary documents proving their eligibility.

Former corporators Ujjwal Keskar, Suhas Kulkarni, and Prashant Badhe, along with activist Sudhir Kulkarni, advocated for an extended deadline until December 20, citing the festival season. The PMC’s discount scheme, originating in 1970 after the Mutha river flooding caused property damage and displacement, aims to assist residents in repairing and maintaining their homes.

As the deadline extension provides relief to citizens during the festival season, the PMC continues its efforts to streamline the process, ensuring eligible beneficiaries receive the promised property tax concessions.

Being the frontrunner in taxation and legal compliance, our legal experts commended PMC’s timely decision. They emphasise the importance of meeting submission deadlines, ensuring citizens maximise property tax benefits.

Akash G Varadaraj