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Pune Startup, JalSevak, Revolutionises Water Management with Innovative Greywater Recycling Solution

In an effort to combat global challenges like carbon footprint and water wastage, Pune-based startup JalSevak, established over three years ago, is providing individuals and establishments with a straightforward solution.

Abhijit Sathe, the founder of JalSevak, highlights a significant issue in water management—urban Indians receive around 150 litres of fresh water daily, with 50% utilized for activities like showering and laundry, contributing to substantial water wastage known as greywater. Unlike sewage, greywater contains minimal pathogens, yet less than 5% of it is recycled in India.

JalSevak addresses this problem by offering a user-friendly recycling system applicable to homes, apartment complexes, hostels, public bathrooms, restaurants, and offices. This patented solution, usable in both residential and commercial facilities, has the potential to save 35-40% of fresh water and costs 80% less than comparable Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs).

The recycling system is adaptable to under-construction and existing buildings, featuring a custom-built electronic control system that automates regular operations with minimal manual intervention.

Remarkably, JalSevak’s financial success indicates a growing awareness and adoption of their solution. Originating from Sathe’s initial investment of ₹ 15 lakh, the startup generated ₹5.50 lakh in revenue last year, with projections soaring to ₹50 lakh this year.

Initially targeting individual homeowners, JalSevak has expanded its focus to include various sectors, particularly the hospitality industry. Collaborating with resorts, a sector heavily reliant on water tankers and spending significant sums annually, JalSevak aims to revolutionise water treatment in high-consumption environments.

Selected by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for the ‘India Water Pitch-Pilot-Scale Start-Up Challenge’ and recognised in the Swachhata Startup Challenge, JalSevak’s innovative approach positions it as a key player in addressing water management, waterbody rejuvenation, and groundwater management challenges in India.

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