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R2 Semiconductor Files Patent Infringement on Intel’s French Arm

R2 Semiconductor launches lawsuit against Intel’s French subsidiaries over patent infringement. R2 Semiconductor, a company backed by Third Point Ventures, has escalated its legal battle against Intel Corporation (Intel) and its affiliates. The company has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Le Tribunal Judiciaire de Paris against Intel’s French subsidiaries, along with Dell Technologies (Dell) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HP). This move comes ahead of the trial set to commence on April 16 in the U.K.’s High Court of Justice, Patents Court in London.

The lawsuit in France marks R2’s latest effort to defend its pioneering patent on integrated voltage regulation technology, developed by R2’s Founder and CEO, David Fisher. Earlier victories in German courts secured judgments and injunctions against Intel, Dell, and HP, barring the sale, manufacture, or importation of chips utilising R2’s technology. Intel’s attempt to challenge these judgments was swiftly rejected by the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf last month.

Expanding its legal offensive, R2 has now targeted Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL and Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH in Germany, alleging the use of infringing Intel chips and seeking additional injunctions.

David Fisher, CEO of R2, emphasised the significance of their invention, protected by patents across Europe, and expressed determination to defend their rights. Fisher stated, ‘R2’s integrated voltage regulation technology is integral to Intel’s products, yet we receive no recognition or compensation for our innovation.’

Fisher highlighted the company’s readiness to enforce injunctions in Germany and anticipated a similar outcome in the U.K. He lamented Intel’s reluctance to acknowledge their claims and their preference for legal battles over fair resolution.

R2’s pursuit of legal recourse underscores its commitment to safeguarding intellectual property rights amidst a contentious landscape dominated by technological giants. As the trial unfolds in the U.K. and legal proceedings commence in France, the outcome will likely shape the future trajectory of patent disputes within the European tech industry.

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Akash G Varadaraj