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Royal Enfield’s ‘Guerrilla 450’ Trademark Sparks Speculation of an Upcoming Himalayan 450 Iteration

 In what promises to be a thrilling year-end endeavor, Royal Enfield is gearing up for a major revamp of its iconic Bullet model, while also teasing the imminent launch of the Himalayan 450. As anticipation builds around these developments, the motorcycle manufacturer has added a new dimension to the excitement by filing a trademark for the name ‘Guerrilla 450’.

As previously reported, Royal Enfield has ambitious plans for its 450cc platform, with a lineup of five distinct models poised to make their mark. The highly anticipated Himalayan 450 is set to lead the charge, marking the inception of this innovative liquid-cooled platform. Beyond the Himalayan, the company’s investor presentation showcases a diverse array of body styles, including a roadster, cafe racer, scrambler, and an adventure bike tailored for off-road enthusiasts.

While the specific model that will bear the moniker ‘Guerrilla 450’ remains shrouded in secrecy, the impending arrival of this new trademark adds an intriguing layer of curiosity to Royal Enfield’s upcoming ventures. As the company paves the way for these exciting releases, motorcycle enthusiasts and industry observers alike are undoubtedly keeping a keen eye on Royal Enfield’s journey toward the culmination of this eventful year.

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