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SAP Labs India: Pioneering Patents, Transforming Ideas into Reality

In the bustling world of innovation, SAP Labs India stands as a beacon of inventive prowess, where everyday tasks metamorphose into patented marvels. Venture into their world, where innovation isn’t merely a pursuit but a way of life.

A seasoned SAP veteran, with roots dating back to 2000, shares his journey, ‘It wasn’t until 2018 that I ventured into filing my first patent.’ Years of navigating through engineering challenges unveiled the hidden potential in routine problem-solving. Now, boasting an impressive 22 filed patents, he underscores the essence of innovation within mundane tasks.

A recent patent success story emerged from a common organisational hurdle: managing extensive content repositories with precision and efficiency. Through collaborative efforts and the power of AI, a groundbreaking solution emerged – transforming documents into interactive chatbots. Meet Sarah, the AI-powered assistant streamlining onboarding processes by delivering personalised, contextual information to new hires.

Crucially, this feat wasn’t a solitary conquest. Key figures like Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP and MD of SAP Labs India, and Kalpana Karunamurthi, engineering head for Success Factors, played pivotal roles. For some, this marked their inaugural journey into patenting, enriching their professional repertoire and broadening their horizons.

Fostering a culture where innovation and patenting are innate is a personal crusade. Guiding colleagues through the patent journey and spearheading initiatives like Patenting@SAP, the aim is to instil a patent-centric mindset within the organisation. This commitment has borne fruit, nurturing an environment where innovation flourishes.

Recognising the potency of a collaborative approach, SAP initiated a two-year program. This endeavour cultivates a community of enthusiastic employees, equipping them with the necessary tools and guidance to materialise their ideas.

Innovation thrives on collective endeavor. At SAP Labs India, patent pioneers are translating their collective vision into reality, one ingenious idea at a time.

Monika Shanmugam