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“Sneak Peek: iPhone 15 Model Spotted on India’s BIS Certification Website Prior to Launch”

The tech community is excited as Apple gears up for its upcoming iPhone 15 series launch next month. While the official announcement remains mysterious, a potential clue has emerged. An Apple device with the model number A3094 appeared on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification website.

Unravelling the A3094 Enigma

Could this be a sneak peek into the eagerly awaited iPhone 15 lineup? The timing aligns, as certifications usually precede product launches. Let’s delve into the unfolding narrative.

Certification Hints

The elusive A3094 has secured BIS certification under the mobile phones category. Unfortunately, the listing keeps its secrets locked away. Yet, a trail of leaks and speculations offers tantalising insights.

Mapping the iPhone 15 Landscape

Rumour mills have been overdrive about the iPhone 15 series, slated to unveil four models: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Among the intriguing tidbits is the possibility of the iPhone 15 Pro boasting a USB Type-C charging port, marking a significant shift in Apple’s charging paradigm.

Colours of Expression

Adding a chromatic twist, the iPhone 15 Pro line could debut in a captivating Crimson shade. At the same time, the standard iPhone 15 models might introduce an alluring green variant. The camera arena promises excitement, with whispers hinting at a robust 48MP setup akin to the iPhone 14 Pro series.

Crafted for Distinction

The iPhone 15 Pro models might take durability up a notch with a Titanium chassis. Speculations also suggest innovative solid-state haptic and mute buttons, potentially revolutionising tactile interactions.

Evolving Charging Dynamics

Charging enthusiasts, take note. The impending iPhones are rumoured to support 15W wireless charging, making compatibility with non-MagSafe chargers a reality. Moreover, murmurs of iPhone 15 production in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, have stirred excitement.

With each passing day, the anticipation mounts as we await Apple’s official curtain-raiser for the iPhone 15 series. As the tech world holds its breath, all eyes are on the imminent launch event, promising innovation and surprises in the palm of your hand.

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