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Sweet Triumph: Lazza Crowned Kerala’s First FMCG Gem with ‘Well-Known Trademark’ Status

In a groundbreaking moment for Kerala’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) landscape, JSF Holdings Pvt. Ltd proudly announces that Lazza, a revered name in the Indian ice cream industry, has clinched the prestigious title of a ‘Well-Known Trademark’ from the Indian Trademark Registry.

This remarkable achievement positions Lazza as the first FMCG brand from Kerala to secure this coveted distinction, signifying a monumental stride in the brand’s remarkable journey. Lazza’s wide-ranging and enduring popularity among the public has solidified its place as a true icon in the hearts of consumers.

A ‘Well-Known Trademark’ designation is reserved for trademarks or brand names that command substantial recognition among the public for their products. This accolade provides the highest level of protection across various categories of goods and services, a testament to the brand’s exceptional success and appeal.

The recognition of Lazza as a ‘Well-Known Trademark’ validates the visionary goal set by Mr. M C John to make ice cream more affordable and accessible to the public. Lazza has become synonymous with cherished memories in households across India, offering an indulgent and decadent experience for all ice cream enthusiasts.

Mr. Simon John, Chairman of JSF Holdings Pvt. Ltd, expressed his profound contentment at Lazza’s achievement, stating, ‘The acknowledgment of Lazza as a ‘Well-Known Trademark’ underscores the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence and consumer satisfaction. This prestigious designation reaffirms Lazza’s stature as a leading entity in the industry and in the hearts of our valuable customers.’

Echoing these sentiments, Mr. John Simon, Managing Director of JSF Holdings Pvt. Ltd, added, ‘We take immense pride in Lazza’s journey and the trust bestowed upon us by millions of discerning consumers. This recognition not only validates our endeavors but also fortifies our determination to uphold the highest standards in delivering products of unparalleled quality.’

Abraham Cherian, Advocate and Managing Partner of law firm M/s. Cherian & Associates, emphasised the legal significance and protection granted to a trademark listed as well-known in India. He highlighted that Lazza’s inclusion in this elite list provides protection against the registration or use of identical or similar marks by others, irrespective of the goods or services, if it is detrimental to the distinctive character or repute of the well-known mark.

The ‘Well-Known Trademark’ status elevates Lazza to an exclusive cohort of brands in India, marking a pivotal milestone in its pursuit of excellence and consumer trust. Lazza’s journey continues to unfold with a promise to deliver unparalleled quality and delight to its loyal customer base.

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Akash G Varadaraj