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The Infamous Leader Dawood Ibrahim Hospitalised

Dawood Ibrahim, born on December 26, 1955, is an Indian crime boss, involved in drug trafficking, terrorism, and organised crime. Hailing from Dongri, Mumbai, he is the founder of the D-Company, an organised crime syndicate established in the 1970s. The Indian government has issued warrants for his arrest on various charges, including murder, extortion, targeted killing, drug trafficking, and terrorism.

Dawood Ibrahim, the notorious underworld don, is currently receiving medical attention in Karachi, Pakistan, amid tight security. Unconfirmed reports hint at a potential poisoning incident, contributing to increased speculation. The lack of official statements adds to the mystery surrounding his health. Notably, Dawood Ibrahim occupies the entire hospital floor, with limited access granted solely to top authorities and immediate family members. The clandestine nature of his hospitalization raises intrigue and prompts inquiries into the events leading to his present state.

Yet, there is no official confirmation of his demise. Dawood, among India’s most sought-after terrorists, is believed to have been living in Pakistan for an extended period, despite Islamabad consistently denying sheltering him.

Rugmini Dinu