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The Moskowitz Law Firm Selected as Sole Firm to Represent the US in Prestigious Global Legal Guide


In a remarkable achievement, The Moskowitz Law Firm has been exclusively selected to represent the United States in Chambers’ Collective Redress & Class Actions Global Practice Guide. This prestigious acknowledgment highlights the firm’s outstanding expertise in class actions and collective redress, solidifying its role as a leading advocate for justice.

Miami, Nov. 9, 2023 — The legal community is buzzing with excitement as The Moskowitz Law Firm is recognised as a Contributing Firm to Chambers’ Collective Redress & Class Actions Global Practice Guide. Covering 19 jurisdictions worldwide, this distinguished guide singles out The Moskowitz Law Firm as the sole representative for the United States, emphasising the firm’s unmatched proficiency in the field.

Global Recognition

For over two decades, Chambers USA, a premier legal data and analytics provider, has been acknowledging top lawyers and law firms. The Global Practice Guide, a valuable resource for class actions and collective redress updates, underscores The Moskowitz Law Firm’s commitment to excellence and its position as a trailblazer in the legal world.

Expert Contributions

Adam Moskowitz, Managing Partner at The Moskowitz Law Firm, alongside Firm Partners Howard Bushman and Joseph Kaye, has shared extensive class action expertise in the Global Guide. Their insights into the Policy Development of Collective Redress/Class Action Mechanisms provide substantial updates on contemporary legal issues, drawing from recent state and federal trials. Notably, their role in developing ‘issue’ certification adds a distinctive touch to their contributions.

Humility and Dedication

In response to this honour, Adam Moskowitz humbly stated, ‘We are extremely humbled at this great honour and will gladly continue our pursuit of Class Action litigation.’ This acknowledgment underscores the firm’s dedication to advancing legal practices and upholding the highest standards of professional excellence.

About The Moskowitz Law Firm

Recognised as one of America’s premier class action law firms, The Moskowitz Law Firm boasts a remarkable track record of recovering billions for the classes they represent. From high-profile cases like the Champlain Towers South collapse settlement to successful litigations involving universal life insurance, force-placed insurance, and large Ponzi schemes, the firm consistently delivers results. Currently leading major cryptocurrency class actions, The Moskowitz Law Firm and its attorneys continue to be acknowledged locally and nationally for their effectiveness inside and outside the courtroom.


The Moskowitz Law Firm’s exclusive representation in Chambers’ Global Practice Guide is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence in class action litigation. As the legal landscape evolves, The Moskowitz Law Firm remains at the forefront, actively shaping the future of class actions and collective redress in the United States. This achievement is not just about legal prowess; it’s a milestone for justice and a dedication to making a meaningful impact in the pursuit of fairness and accountability.

Monika Shanmugam