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Trademark Dispute: Threads Software Warns Meta of Legal Action Over ‘Threads’

In a David-versus-Goliath legal showdown, Threads Software Limited, a UK-based firm, has issued a stern warning to Meta over the use of the name ‘Threads’ for its social media platform in the UK. Citing ownership of the trademarked name, Threads Software has given Meta a 30-day ultimatum to comply.

The feud began with Meta’s knowledge of Threads Software and its platform, also named ‘Threads,’ even before Meta launched its own ‘Threads’ platform. Meta’s legal team made multiple attempts to purchase the ‘threads.app’ domain from Threads Software, all of which were rebuffed, starting in April 2023.

Meta officially unveiled its ‘Threads’ platform in July 2023, coinciding with Threads Software’s removal from Facebook. In response, Threads Software has made it clear to Meta that it will take legal action and seek a court injunction if Meta continues to use the name ‘Threads’ after the 30-day deadline.

Threads Software is known for its cloud-based intelligent message hub, designed to capture, transcribe, and organise digital messages, emails, and phone calls for businesses, offering a user-friendly and searchable database. The service was trademarked in 2012 through JPY Limited.

Threads, actively promoted worldwide since 2014, has seen substantial growth in recent years. The company has licensed its services to nearly 1,000 organisations globally, with sales experiencing a remarkable 200 percent annual increase.

Dr. John Yardley, MD of Threads Software, commented on the situation, stating, ‘Taking on a $150 billion company is not an easy decision for us to make. We have invested 10 years in our platform, establishing a recognised brand in the name, Threads. Our business now faces a serious threat from one of the largest technology companies in the world. We recognise that this is a classic ‘David and Goliath’ battle with Meta. And whilst they may think they can use whatever name they want, that does not give them the right to use the Threads brand name.’

It’s worth noting that the term ‘Threads’ is used by various other organisations, including a football platform named ‘Thread’ and a Slack-style platform called ‘Threads’ from a San Francisco start-up. In a different context, there is also a 1984 British film titled ‘Threads,’ depicting the aftermath of a nuclear war.

Despite Meta’s ‘Threads’ amassing 100 million users in just five days, user engagement declined by 70 percent a few weeks later, with average daily usage on Android and iOS apps dropping from 19 minutes to just four minutes. However, Meta introduced new features and Instagram integration in August.

Meta has faced copyright infringement claims since its rebranding from Facebook in 2021, with a company named MetaX launching a trademark lawsuit last year.

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Akash G Varadaraj