Beijing Court Cracks Down on Malicious Trademark Registrations, Protecting IP Rights

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In a bold move to combat intellectual property infringement, a Beijing court has unveiled 10 landmark cases, showcasing its commitment to cracking down on malicious trademark registrations.

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Court’s Determination: Song Yushui, vice-president of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, underlined the court’s resolve to address the issue of malicious trademark registrations. Notable Trends: Song highlighted a concerning trend where individuals register trademarks based on current events, breaking news, prominent figures, or issues with high social attention.

Clear Guidelines: To counteract these practices, the court has released 10 concluded cases, outlining specific circumstances and actions that qualify as ‘malicious’ trademark registrations. Industry Applauds Efforts: Industry experts have welcomed the court’s proactive stance. Protecting Intangible Assets: Liu Wenchao, a political adviser in Beijing, stressed the significance of safeguarding trademarks as essential intangible assets for enterprises.