Nepal Brews Quality Trademark for CTC Tea, Aiming to Transform Global Perception

In a move to elevate the global status of Nepal’s tea industry, the National Tea and Coffee Development Board is gearing up to introduce a quality trademark for Crush, Tear, Curl tea, following the success of a similar trademark for orthodox tea. Deepak Khanal, the director of the Board, revealed, ‘We have prepared draft guidelines in the final stages, aiming to grant CTC tea the recognition it deserves.’ In 2020, Nepal marked a historic moment with the introduction of a trademark for orthodox tea after 157 years of cultivation.

In response to these challenges, the National Tea and Coffee Development Board has decided to issue a quality trademark for CTC tea. Deepak Khanal explained, ‘As Nepal faces hurdles in exporting CTC tea, particularly to India, the quality trademark would ensure that the products meet international standards’.

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