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Wipro and AWS Join Forces: Unveil AI-Powered Compliance Solution Redefining Business Governance

In a strategic move aimed at meeting the ever-evolving compliance landscape, Wipro, a key player in the IT sector, has launched a cutting-edge continuous compliance solution, developed in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The innovative solution, powered by AI, is tailor-made to empower enterprises with advanced capabilities to navigate the complexities of compliance requirements. It promises ongoing visibility into compliance posture and governance of business applications, from the initial stages to post-cloud migration.

In a recent regulatory filing, Wipro disclosed that its solution leverages Amazon Security Lake, an automated platform that consolidates an organisation’s security data from various sources, including AWS environments, SaaS providers, on-premises setups, and cloud sources. This integration into a purpose-built data lake is intended to provide a centralised hub for security data management.

Tony Buffomante, Wipro’s Senior Vice President and Global Head Of Cybersecurity Risk Services, emphasised the solution’s significance, stating, ‘The Wipro Continuous Compliance Solution addresses security and compliance challenges by effectively collecting all relevant data and signals within Amazon Security Lake. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), the solution delivers actionable insights, providing our customers with a nearly real-time view of their compliance and security posture.’

Central to the offering is a unified platform where enterprises can seamlessly manage, monitor, and maintain compliance requirements. This solution, built on the robust foundation of Amazon Security Lake, boasts a scalable architecture, robust security features, and seamless integration capabilities.

A highlight of this compliance solution is its comprehensive support for global compliance frameworks such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, among others, streamlining compliance management. Real-time monitoring and alerts ensure prompt identification of compliance-related anomalies, complemented by automated reporting capabilities that simplify the generation of compliance reports for both internal review and external audits.

Crucially, the solution operates on a pay-as-you-go model on AWS, ensuring not only cost-effectiveness but also scalability, adapting to varying compliance management needs effortlessly.

Following this announcement, shares of Wipro Ltd experienced a modest upswing, closing at ₹396.95, up by ₹1, or 0.25% on the BSE.

This move by Wipro signifies a stride forward in the realm of compliance solutions, marking a proactive approach to assist enterprises in navigating the intricate web of regulatory requirements. With its AI-driven capabilities and robust integration with Amazon Web Services, this offering is poised to redefine the landscape of compliance management for businesses across various sectors.

According to legal experts at Vakilsearch, Wipro’s collaboration with AWS to introduce an AI-infused compliance solution aligns with the evolving regulatory landscape. The integration of Amazon Security Lake is a strategic move, offering businesses unprecedented control and real-time insights into compliance measures. This development signifies a proactive step in addressing the complexities of compliance management, fostering enhanced business governance.

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