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Yulu Rides Into Legal Battle: Sues Kinetic Green Over Trademark Clash

Yulu, the renowned provider of shared micro-mobility solutions, has initiated legal proceedings against Kinetic Green, alleging trademark infringement. The lawsuit, filed in a Bangalore civil and sessions court, stems from Kinetic Green’s recent introduction of its Zulu line of electric scooters.

The legal action comes in response to concerns raised by Yulu following Kinetic Green’s launch of the Zulu range in January. Yulu contends that the name closely resembles its own brand, potentially leading to consumer confusion.

In a significant development, the Karnataka High Court intervened on 5 February 2024, granting a temporary injunction. This injunction prohibits Kinetic Green Energy from utilising, vending, or promoting products under the ‘YULU’ trademark or any closely associated terms, such as ‘ZULU’ and ‘Kinetic Green Zulu.’

Kinetic Green’s legal representatives have promptly responded, petitioning the High Court to expedite proceedings to enable them to present their objections promptly. The Commercial Court is slated to render a verdict on the interim application by 11 March 2024.

The outcome of this legal dispute holds substantial implications for both companies, as they navigate the complexities of trademark protection and market competition in the burgeoning electric scooter industry.

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Akash G Varadaraj