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India Utilizes Aadhaar Authentication to Combat Tax Registration Fraud

India is taking a stand against tax fraud by using Aadhaar authenticationā€”a fancy term for using unique biometric information like fingerprints or eye scans to confirm identities. This move comes after a crackdown on tax dodgers in states like Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Puducherry.

Starting in November 2023, the goal is to stop shady practices in tax registrations that are costing the country a lot of money. Reports from Deccan Herald say that during an eight-month operation, tax officers found over 29,000 companies making fraudulent claims, totaling a whopping 440 billion Indian rupees (about US$5.29 billion).

The crackdown has saved the government about Rs 46.5 billion ($555.3 million) by recovering money and preventing further fraud.

In the last few months of 2023, they identified 4,153 companies evading around Rs 120 billion ($1.4 billion) in taxes. Maharashtra had the most irregularities, with 926 companies involved, followed by Rajasthan, Delhi, and Haryana.

As part of this effort, many people suspected of being involved in tax evasion were arrested. They’re now facing consequences for their actions in front of local authorities.

The government wants to do more than just biometric checks. They’re also using advanced technology, like data analytics, to catch and deal with suspicious cases. This shows their commitment to tackling the growing problem of tax evasion using a smart and multi-pronged approach.

Nithya Ramani Iyer