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Trademark Turf War: Mannat Dhaba Emerges Victorious as Delhi High Court Clamps Down on Copycats

In a decisive move on 4 January 2023 the Delhi High Court has put the brakes on various eateries attempting to ride the coattails of the renowned Mannat Dhaba, nestled on the Delhi-Chandigarh highway in Murthal.

Justice Anish Dayal, in a resolute order, asserted that the appropriation of the ‘Mannat’ brand name by other establishments, using identical or deceptively similar monikers, encroaches upon the exclusive proprietary rights held by Mannat Group of Hotels Private Limited over the trademark.

The court disclosed that the defendants have been operating under names like ‘Manat Dhaba,’ ‘New Mannat Dhaba,’ ‘Sri Mannat Dhaba,’ ‘Apna Mannat Dhaba,’ and more, with some attempting a rebranding strategy.

Granting an ad-interim injunction against specific defendants, Justice Dayal stated, ‘They are restrained from using any mark or branding, including Mannat, Manat Dhaba, Mannatt Dhaba, Shri Mannatt Dhaba, New Mannatt Dhaba, Apna Mannat Dhaba, et al., and/or any other mark or trade indicia identical or deceptively similar to the plaintiff’s well-known and registered trademarks.’

The court underscored that the defendants have the option to engage with the plaintiff’s counsel to resolve the matter amicably if they intend to rebrand their establishments.

The plaintiff, Mannat Group of Hotels Private Limited, emphasised to the court that their trademarks, such as ‘Mannat Dhaba’ and ‘Mannat,’ along with the logo, have been legally registered and actively used since 2008 in their Murthal-based dhabas and eateries. The plaintiff argued that the name has gained substantial repute and is unequivocally linked with their brand.

Convinced that the plaintiff presented a prima facie case, the court ruled in favour of an ad-interim injunction against the accused establishments, solidifying Mannat Dhaba’s triumph in the ongoing trademark dispute.

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Nithya Ramani Iyer